Irish weather presenter hits back at troll

Irish weather presenter Joanna Donnelly hits back at a troll who criticised her appearance and ambition

An Irish weather woman has hit back at a troll with a couple of perfectly worded tweets that showed that the needlessly cruel comments had failed to get under her skin.

Joanna Donnelly presents the weather on RTÉ and often receives letters or messages from viewers.

IN 2017, she received a warm letter from a young girl who thanked her for a warning about the hurricane – and for getting her two days off school!

Irish weather presenter Joanna Donnelly hits back at a troll who criticised her appearance and ambition

However, sometimes the letters are not so nice, and Donnelly shared another letter she received from a troll who attacked both her appearance and ambition.

It read: “Get off the stage Donnelly, you work for Met Éireann, you’re a weather forecaster, that’s all.

“No big deal. Nobody is remotely interested in you or your lifestyle, you’re not even a little bit attractive.

“You’re obviously trying to break into the entertainment/celebrity side of it like some of your colleagues.

“Stick with your cushy job in Glasnevin. Yuk.”

It was a cruel and angry message and makes you wonder why somebody would ever feel the need to take the time to write and send such a letter.

Thankfully, Donnelly was able to see it for what it was and didn’t let it get her down. In fact, she shared the message on Twitter and gave a humorous reply.

She wrote: “In fairness, I have lovely legs. Just can’t see them on TV. My mother would be furious and demand I have this fingerprinted.”

She later added: “I should elaborate that me and my colleague got a massive laugh from this last night.

“‘Ah come on,’ I said, ‘Not even a BIT attractive.’”

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