Irish people name their most romantic city

Michael Kehoe

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6 Responses

  1. Paul Hegarty says:

    LOVE Galway… only second to Derry, where I’m from, lol.

  2. Rudy Kallock says:

    Love Dingle and surrounding places. Dick Mack’s in Dingle…& Paul Geaney’s Guiness Irish Stew…

  3. Steve Wells says:

    Fond of Clifden.

  4. ANTO'IN O'hEignigh says:

    were is my name?.

  5. Hhts says:

    Dublin was second in the vote with 13% while the scenic Kerry came in third with 14%….

  6. Virginia OBrien says:

    im still trying to convince my husband – I know he will love it!

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