Irish legend Robbie Keane sings The Green Fields of France

Robbie Keane singing at his retirement party

Robbie Keane is one of the greatest Irish sports stars of his generation but he showed he is as down to earth as the next man at his retirement party.
Keane pulled on the Irish shirt for the final time on Wednesday in a friendly against Oman. The nation celebrated as he marked his last game with a goal, which took his tally to a massive 68 and put him in Europe’s all-time top five international strikers.

During the post-match celebrations, Keane was invited to join acoustic singer George Murphy for a rendition of the song ‘The Green Fields of France’
Robbie Keane singing at his retirement party
Keane, who has played at some of the most glamourous clubs in the world, was up to the challenge and showed he has a great singing voice as he belted out the poignant lyrics like a pro.
Perhaps this could be a new career path for the Irish legend.
The video was taken by a fan, who unfortunately recorded the performance sideways. Thankfully it captured the sound perfectly and shows that Keane is a man of many talents.
Murphy enjoyed the night immensely and posted on his Facebook page: “I have had many privileges in my life and career as a musician but tonight was right up there. Without disrespecting my music career if I could trade it in to be playing for the Republic of Ireland and be the highest goalscorer ever to represent my country then I would.
“However ill only ever play Saturday league coz football wasn’t my calling but to stand next to ROBBIE KEANE and sing several songs with him after being asked to play the entertainment for his retirement night from international football is 1 of the biggest honours I will ever have.”
Take a look at the video below (you might want to tilt your head sideways).

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling