Five headlines you need to know about today

Five headlines you need to know about today

Here is a roundup of the five biggest headlines to come out of Ireland today. Take a look at the info you should know about.
Five headlines you need to know about today

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US golfer arrested at Donald Trump’s club for carrying knife

A US golfer was arrested at Donald Trump’s Shannon golf resort after pulling out a knife during a drunken row in the clubhouse.
New Yorker Anthony Criscione, 33, had been part of the team that won the inaugural Trump Celtic Links Challenge in Doonbeg.
However, celebrations turned to aggression in the clubhouse, after a row broke out and Mr Criscione was arrested for taking the lock knife from his pocket.
Mr Criscione spent the night in a cell and the following day the case went before the court. After review of the CCTV, it was revealed that Mr Criscione had actually placed the knife on the bar so that he would not be tempted to use it during any physical conflict.
Supt Martin McGonnell told the court: “In fairness to the defendant, during the course of his business he normally carries a knife and he didn’t know it wasn’t allowed in Ireland to carry a knife.”
The case was struck off by the judge in light of the evidence, and given that Mr Criscione had pleaded guilty to carrying the knife.
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Ryanair’s 2017 schedule is bad news for Dublin Airport

Irish airline Ryanair has released its schedule for 2017 and it reveals it will carry a staggering 14 million people in and out of Ireland.
The schedule includes an increased number of flights to and from both Cork and Shannon Airports, but Dublin will see a decrease after Ryanair claimed they are withdrawing growth incentives.
The airports outside the capital will see an increase in their summer schedules, with holiday spots such as Lanzarote, Malaga and Palma being the most frequently visited destinations.
Ryanair said it had delivered over 70% of the traffic growth at Dublin 2014, 2015, and 2016, but are now switching 3% of their seats to lower cost airports elsewhere.
Dublin Airport Managing Director Vincent Harrison said: “We are disappointed that Ryanair has decided to reduce some of its capacity from Dublin next year.
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Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan enjoy the craic during filming

Irish actors Cillian Murphy and Jamie Dornan were enjoying the craic during a recent interview about their latest film Anthropoid.
From the banter between the two, it was obvious that Dornan, from Co Down, and Dubliner Murphy have had a great time on set together.
The two lads star together in the World War II film Anthropoid and were speaking ahead of its release.
Murphy was asked if it is similar to Dunkirk, another WW2 film he has starred in.
He began to explain that the two films were very different, but was interrupted by his pal Dornan who couldn’t resist poking some fun at him and asked him why he wasn’t in the trailer for Dunkirk.
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Heartbroken mother forgives son-in-law for murdering her daughter and grandsons

Mary Coll, the mother-in-law of Alan Hawe has forgiven him for murdering her daughter and three grandsons.
Mr Hawe , 41, murdered his wife Clodagh and their three sons Liam, 15, Niall,11, Ryan, 6, on Monday night in a frenzied knife attack. He then took his own life.
The crime sent shockwaves across the nation. Less than a week on, it has been revealed that Mrs Coll has said she has forgiven Mr Hawe.
A friend told the Irish Mirror: “Mary has forgiven him. She is beyond heartbroken but she has forgiven him.
“She said the man who did this to her daughter and her beautiful boys was not the Alan she knows and loves.”
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Ireland is being ‘picked on’ claims Apple chief

Apple chief executive Tim Cook has claimed that Ireland is being ‘picked on’ by the EU and that the tax accusations made are ‘political crap’.
Cook told the Irish Independent he hoped the government would launch an appeal against the ruling.
He said: “I think we’ll work very closely together, as we have the same motivation. No one did anything wrong here and we need to stand together. Ireland is being picked on and this is unacceptable.”
The European Commission ruled that Ireland illegally provided state aid to Apple by not collecting €13bn of taxes owed to it by the tech giant over a 10-year period.
Cook insists that Ireland “played by the rules” and would win the case on appeal.
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Written by Andrew Moore