Irish kids give their guide to Halloween

Irish kids give their guide to Halloween

YouTube channel YouthTuber asked Irish children what they thought about Halloween, and what it meant to them. And as the kids point out – apples and oranges don’t count as sweets!

Halloween is a special time of the year for many. The one night when spirits and ghosts of the dead can return to mix with the living, it is often as exciting as it is scary.

One of the key events of Halloween for any kids is the trick or treating. Many of us have happy memories of dressing up in scary costumes and going door to door gathering up sweets from our neighbours.

Some of the children’s comments were very sweet, such as one little girl who said that when she goes trick or treating, the trick she has is to tell a joke. A more boisterous little boy said that his trick is to “smash a pumpkin over someone’s head and set their hair on fire”.

The kids offer up many more comical insights into their views of Halloween, including a warning to grownups everywhere that apples, oranges and peanuts do not qualify as treats.

There is a question about whether or not ‘old people’ are good people to visit for trick or treaters. A young man named Luke decided that they are good because “the grannies are very kind”.

The kids also mention some of the traditional Irish foods that are eaten at Halloween such as colcannon and barmbrack.

As for what are the best costumes? Not leprechauns, that’s “too Irish” and also not “anything from Frozen”.

Take a look at the video below.

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