Irish Farmers Calendar land a US book deal

Irish Farmer Calendar land a US book deal

The annual Irish Farmers Calendar has been such a success that it will soon be available as a book.
A top US publisher has agreed a deal to create a coffee table type magazine of the topless hunks, set to be released for St Patrick’s Day 2017.
Irish Farmer Calendar land a US book deal
Irish Farmers Calendar was founded by Dublin woman Ciara Ryan. She came up with the idea after noticing there were calendars featuring hunky firemen for sale and thought ‘why not farmers?’
The calendar is a supporter of Irish agricultural charity Bóthar and a percentage of the calendars sale price goes to the charity.
Bóthar was founded in 1989. It provides livestock and training to communities in Africa to help them become self-sufficient. Visit their website here.
Ryan said: “I got made redundant and decided to do this; it’s an enterprise with a heart. It’s very hard to get farmers to do it to be honest. Some guys have appeared three or four times. The people that do it are fun and up for the craic.”
The calendars feature Irish farmers posing with their animals in a variety of comical scenarios. This year includes farmers boxing with a deer, brushing the teeth of a donkey and playing rugby with a pig!
They are available to order online at for just €11.70 including postage and packaging.
However, such is the popularity of the calendars, that soon the Irish hunks will be on display in various waiting rooms and hair salons all across America.
The book deal is not a great surprise given that the calendar has gone from strength to strength since its first publication in 2010. Last year it was one of the best-selling calendars in Ireland and was also shipped to customers from several other countries including America, Japan and Australia.