Irish dancer to raise awareness of depression in new video

Irish dancer - Kieran Hardiman is looking to use dancing to raise awareness of important health issues

An Irish dancer is preparing to film a performance in Galway as a way of raising awareness of depression and anxiety.

Professional dancer Kieran Hardiman is the brains behind the idea and his video – titled ‘Alone’ will be filmed in November.
We wrote earlier this year that Hardiman had performed the ‘Best Irish dance of the year‘. Now he is putting his skills to great use in bringing awareness to issues that can bring a person’s life to a standstill even if those around them don’t realise there is a problem.
Irish dancer - Kieran Hardiman is looking to use dancing to raise awareness of important health issues
He is looking for dancers from Galway to take part in the performance, which is intended to encourage people to pull together.
Hardiman believes that the more we pull together, the more we will be able to help people with depression and anxiety.
He said: “The concept is feeling alone, and even when you are surrounded by people you can still be alone. I have been in that situation before and overcame depression and anxiety and I have a lot of friends that have suffered from this painful illness, so it’s something that interests me and I would like to portray it through Irish dance.”
Hardiman has also danced competitively but is now focused on using dancing to help others – either with initiatives like this or through his dance school which he is currently setting up in Galway.
He said: “Having a lifelong experience with the art form I have learned a lot about it. Irish dance can be very strict, you have to have your body straight, you are not allowed move your arms, you have to wear a wig etc.
“And in professional shows they only allow you to dance this way, but it really restricts an Irish dancer to express themselves and try new things. Having these boundaries does not allow dancers express themselves freely and have fun with this world wide art form. I will teach the free art of modern Irish dance and hopefully perform with my students as they grow as dancers.”
If you are interested in featuring in Haridman’s ‘Alone’ video please contact him [email protected]
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