Chocolate back on the menu as Easter bunny beckons

Skelligs chocolate shoes

Business is booming again for Irish chocolatiers as people rediscover their sweet tooth after years of abstinence during the recession.

Skelligs chocolate shoes

Skelligs chocolatiers, based on the Ring of Kerry, specialise in high value items like the chocolate shoes in the picture… all made to taste as good as they look.

Like many firms dealing in luxury products, Skelligs were hit hard by the economic downturn. Then they suffered another setback when their premises burnt down four years ago. But now they’re enjoying a sudden upsurge with chocolate lovers loosening their belts and opening their wallets again as the financial crisis eases.

Skelligs owner Colm Healey told the Irish Independent: “We’ve also seen a big increase this year in the number of corporate orders and companies treating their workers at Easter, so it’s great to see more people spending again.”
Mr Healey thinks people deserve a taste of luxury after what they’ve been through during the last few years.

“It’s part of the Easter tradition to observe Lent and then buy your egg and put it away for Easter Sunday,” he said.
“It’s an occasion – and we can always work it off afterwards.”

Another chocolatier, the Chocolate Garden of Ireland based in Wicklow, is also reporting increased demand and has produced more than 40,000 Easter eggs. Owner Jim Haley said: “The biggest one we make normally weigh 6.5kg, but we have made some eggs that weigh up to 9kg. That egg would be a two-hour process.”

“This is our busiest weekend of the year, probably our busiest two weeks of the year.”

Anyone over-indulging at Skelligs over the Easter break can always work off a few excess pounds by taking in the beautiful and rugged walks around the nearby Ring of Kerry, which is part of the newly designated Wild Atlantic Way.