One Direction video sees stars blend into each other


Pop group One Direction, featuring Irish star Niall Horan, have released a new video showing band members morphing into each other as they perform their new single, You and I.


The video, was only published on 18 April, but it has already had nearly 9 million hits on YouTube.
It features each band member singing lines of the song as they walk along a seafront pier. At the end of each line, the singer merges into a fellow member of One Direction.

Towards the end of the video, the band all walk along the pier together. Images of individual band members then appear in acrobatic or set poses. Each member then runs or jumps into his own image and the carries along walking;

One Direction shot to fame after appearing on the British version of the X-Factor in 2011. They appeal mostly to teenagers although they caused some controversy recently when it was announced that children under 14 would not be allowed to attend their concerts at Croke Park for health and safety reasons. Read more on this here.