Ireland has three of the world’s four friendliest cities

Michael Kehoe

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  1. Heather Jordan Khan says:

    Just returned from 9 days in the village of Adare, Co Limerick …made many friends in a short time….easy walking, craic, history, nature, good food…1826 ADARE is brilliant! and Sean and Pat Collins’ Pubs for a pint and fish and chips, delicious and delightful.

  2. Elizabeth Burke says:

    I am a frequent visitor to beautiful Ireland with my goal of visiting each county. On my many trips I have been so lucky to have met some of the most friendly warm and generous people. That in itself has posed a slight problem as now when I visit it is to see old friends but to also include a new county . I am proud to say I have now visited 20 counties each one with its own special memories . I look forward to completing my goal and hope to pull it all together as I have kept journals of my adventures . Great stories, great food , great sites ,great music it goes on and on , but the greatest of all is the wonderful people !

  3. Theresa Todd says:

    Was wondering if you have any Ireland’s Calling magazines to revieve in the mail….love but my hubsand is Irish and would love to receive this from Ireland ….

  4. Michael Kehoe says:

    Thanks Betsy Keys Farrell, I have made the change. Sorry if any offense was caused 🙂

  5. Betsy Keys Farrell says:

    Charleston is in South Carolina, not North Carolina. It may not seem like a big difference, but for South Carolinians who consider Charleston one of the jewels of South Carolina it is a significant distinction.

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