Heart warming video captures sharing spirit of Christmas

Heart-warming Spanish Christmas video Justino

Shopping for Christmas presents and preparing for the festive season can be very stressful.

So it’s perhaps no surprise that a heart warming video about friendship and loyalty is proving to be a massive hit with people all across the world.

Heart-warming Spanish Christmas video Justino

It tells the story of Justino, a night watchman at a factory making mannequins. Every night he makes his solitary rounds by torchlight, making sure the building is safe and secure.

Because he’s lonely he starts putting of the mannequins in funny poses to amuse factory staff when they come into work the next day.

He even puts the mannequins in a line so that when they are knocked over, they all fall in a line one after another and then light up a huge Christmas tree complete with gifts, much to everyone’s delight.

But Justino remains an outsider, working alone every night isolated from everyone else. When the rest of the factory staff start doing the lottery, he is not included in the syndicate

One day as he is making his usual bus ride to work, he reads in the paper that the syndicate have won a huge fortune.

He is pleased for them, but knows that he is not involved and will have to continue working.

But, of course, you’ve guessed it… his fellow workers have a big surprise in store for him. You can see the video here.

It’s produced by the Spanish lottery but it’s all pictures and music so you don’t need to speak Spanish to follow it.

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