Ireland's happiest moments of 2017

Ireland's happiest moments of 2017

As another year draws to a close it is nice to take a moment to reflect on what has gone before and take a look back at some of the happier moments.
That is exactly what gift card company One4all have done as they conducted a survey asking people in Ireland what made them happy during 2017.

Ireland's happiest moments of 2017
There were various events that made the country smile.
The top moment was the heart-warming reunion of Sergeant Graham Burke and his children on The Late Late Toy Show. Try watching this without crying!

Elsewhere, Katie Taylor’s world title win of the WBA Lightweight World Championship was named the happiest sporting moment of 2017, with 23% of people naming it as their favourite.
Galway’s hurling double of the All Ireland Senior Hurling Championship and the Allianz League was the second happiest sporting moment, with 19% of the vote, and Dublin’s historic 3-in-a-row win of the All Ireland Senior Football Championship came third with 16%.
The scorching hot summer, royal engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, and the viral video of a family trying to get a bat out of their kitchen were other happy moments for the Irish this year.
Aoife Davey of One4all said: “It’s great to know that for most people, 2017 has been a happy year.
“From special sporting moments to Irish heatwaves and the joyous act of giving, it’s clear that happiness comes in all shapes and sizes.”
The survey also found that 42% are happier now than they were at this time last year, with 37% saying they had the same level of happiness.
The happiest moment of Christmas was the dinner, with giving presents to loved ones in second.

Written by Andrew Moore