Irish toddler spots ‘Santa’ relaxing in a Donegal restaurant

Irish toddler spots ‘Santa’ relaxing in a Donegal restaurant

Christmas is surely the most exciting time of the year for children as they often can’t sleep as the anticipation of a visit from Santa builds up.

One Irish toddler got more than she bargained for when she went for a meal at a Donegal restaurant with her family – Father Christmas walked through the door!

Irish toddler spots ‘Santa’ relaxing in a Donegal restaurant

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Well, not actually Father Christmas, he’s far too busy right now, but a man who was a dead ringer for St Nick.

Molly Keogh was sat at her table trying to grab hold of a bowl of sugar when the man walked in. He had the classic Santa look with his long white beard.

He was even wearing a Christmas jumper.

The 18-month old Molly was delighted but took it in her stride, as she shouted, ‘Oh Santa’ towards the man.

The man replied with a ‘ho ho ho’. Much to the amusement of Molly’s family.

Molly’s aunt Megan told “We were out for lunch in Caislean Oir in Annagry, Donegal and I was filming her as she was messing with a bowl of sugar.

“Then a couple walked in and she casually says ‘oh Santa’ and keeps repeating it, and it just so happens he’s wearing a Christmas jumper.

“He can be heard saying ‘ho ho ho’ back to her and he was very good with her.”

Take a look at the video below.

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling