Incredible video showcases stunning beauty of Glendalough

Incredible video showcases stunning beauty of Glendalough

The stunning beauty of the Irish country has been captured by a professional video and photography company as they span their cameras across the spectacular views of Glendalough.
The footage has been edited into a short YouTube video and the final result is quite incredible.

Glendalough is one of Ireland’s most famous beauty spots. It gets its name from the Irish ‘Gleann Dá Loch’ which means ‘Glen of two lakes’.
The site also features numerous ancient monuments including the monastic settlement that was founded by St Kevin in the sixth century.
The water and surrounding countryside are popular with visitors to Ireland, and with the Wicklow Mountains being just an hour away from Dublin, it also attracts many people from the capital looking for a weekend break.
Professional videographer and photography company Absolute Visuals decided to showcase the natural beauty of Ireland to the world.
Their expertise in capturing the stunning scenes have worked to put together a fantastic video that is rapidly gathering pace online.
It has already been viewed thousands of times and now many media outlets have featured it that number will only rise.
Take a look for yourself below.

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Written by Andrew Moore