Girl Power Irish dancing style with the stunning Slide Step

Girl Power Irish dancing style with the stunning Slide Step

Ireland Calling has featured some stunning Irish dance videos showcasing the talents of our greatest performers.
Many of them, including the brilliant ‘car park’ routine by Slide Step, featured men in the main role. Now the group have decided the lads have hogged the spotlight for too long and have produced a new routine where the women take centre stage.

The girls certainly looked the part as they lead the group through some stunning steps to the pulsating beat of the LED Drummers.
The group say they want “to challenge the stereotype that only strong male dancers can front an Irish dance show/group”.
“Slide step always aims to push the boundaries of Irish dancing, but we recently decided to challenge the idea that only a strong male dancer could front a troupe of dancers. The result was a show stopping routine that was lead by a powerful female dancer, who matched the LED drummers perfectly.”
Do they girls measure up? Judge for yourselves in this video as they perform at the Irish Tourism Industry Awards.

The Slide Step Irish dance company was formed in 2013 by 360 Entertainment and has had huge success in providing entertainment for corporate functions, sporting events and weddings all over Ireland.
If you would like to see more of Slide Step, check out their video set in a car park.
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Written by Andrew Moore