Irish dance troupe wow fans with performance fusing Irish dancing with modern street dance

Brilliant new video from Irish dance group Slide Step

Take a look at this video from a hugely talented Irish dance troupe which showcases their skills – fusing Irish dancing with modern street dance.

The group – called Slide Step – is a made up of a mixture of male and female professional dancers.

They have performed all over the world and always keep audiences on the edge of their seats with their innovative choreography and energetic Irish dance shows.

Brilliant new video from Irish dance group Slide Step

The group are always looking for new ways to surprise their audience and push genre boundaries and this video sees them mixing a number of dancing styles such as hip-hop, tap, and Irish step dance.

The performance takes place in what appears to be an abandoned car park. The seemingly mundane setting helps to create a strong contrast with the remarkable talent.

While the dancing is a mixture of new and traditional, the music they perform to is a little more modern.

The performance starts with the group dancing to Kanye West’s Black Skinhead before moving into a dance track and then ending with Chris Brown’s Five More Hours.

The video has caused quite a stir online since it has been uploaded. It has been viewed thousands of times and been picked up by several Irish media outlets.

It has even been shared by E. L. James – author of 50 shades of Grey.

It has also drawn plenty of praise from people who have seen it on various social media sites.

Clodagh Beattie said: “A totally whole new slant on Irish dancing. A breath of fresh air!”

Katherine Crosby added: “Just love what you guys do keep it up.”

Take a look at the video below.

For more information visit Slide Step’s website.

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