Beautiful Irish city is named one of the best places in Europe to raise children


The beautiful city of Galway has been named as one of the best places in Europe to raise children.

That is according to research conducted by online education website Preply.

The site took a number of criteria into consideration when compiling their list, such as the quality of education, health and safety, and lifestyle and leisure.

The text on Preply’s site explains: “The increase in working from home and employer flexibility allows parents or those looking to start a family to choose where is best to raise their children.

“Looking to inspire parents and parents-to-be seeking a change of scenery while also considering a child’s opportunity to thrive, our latest study reveals the top European cities to raise a family.

“Analyzing over 130 European cities across three categories, ‘Education’, ‘Health and Safety’, and ‘Leisure and Lifestyle’, we’ve scored each city based on a combination of factors including teacher to student ratios, educational attractions, recreational spaces, free healthcare, length of maternity/paternity leave and more.”

Parents hoping to give their kids a great start in life may want to look towards the city on the Irish west coast as it was named in sixth place out of 130 in the overall rankings.

Galway was also named in the top 20 for the ‘lifestyle and leisure’ (12) and ‘education’ (18) categories.

It was ranked 23rd for health and safety.

Two other Irish cities were placed inside the top 30 for overall rankings – Cork was ranked 25 and Limerick 29.

Outside Ireland, Portugal looks a good place to raise a family, with two cities (Funchal and Lisbon) named in the top three.

Top cities in Europe to raise children overall rankings

1 – Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal
2 – Trieste, Italy
3 – Lisbon, Portugal
4 – Reykjavik, Iceland
5 – Prague, Czech Republic
6 – Galway, Ireland
7 – Aarhus, Denmark
8 – Helsinki, Finland
9 – Edinburgh, Scotland
10 – Graz, Austria

For more information, visit the Preply website.


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