'After-life insurance' salesman negotiates terms with Catholic

'After-life insurance' salesman negotiates terms with Catholic

Irish trio Foil Arms and Hog have struck a chord with their latest comedy short which sees an ‘after-life insurance salesman’ negotiate a new deal with one of his Catholic customers.
The unusual sounding setting is brilliantly executed by the comedy team, with Arms playing the smug salesperson and Hog acting out the role of hard done to customer.
'After-life insurance' salesman negotiates terms with Catholic
The video begins with the customer phoning up wanting a quote for his after-life insurance, and being told he has got through to the Catholic division.
The salesman immediately asks the customers how many times he has been to mass in the last year, and points out that funerals and Christmas Day don’t count.
The conversation moves on with the salesman listing some of the wrongdoings committed by the customer in the past year, and explains that is why his after-life insurance quote has gone up.
The customer then becomes frustrated at his sins being pointed out, and says that he has shopped around and been given a much better quote from the Protestants, including divorce, bake sales, and comfy church pews – with cushions!”
To which the salesman replied: “We believe that a cold, hard church pew is a certain path to the afterlife!”
As always, Foil, Arms and Hog have created a short, funny video, which really captures the frustrations of an everyday task, with their own wacky sense of fun thrown in.
The video ends with the customer making a bold decision, and the salesman offering some sinister well wishes.
Take a look for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore