Irishman's speech about Apple tax controversy is going viral

Irishman speaks about Apple tax controversy

An Irishman has made a passionate speech about the Apple tax debate demanding the government accept the €13bn owed to them and spend it to create more work for the common man.
James Conway made the video to vent his frustrations at the government’s refusal to accept the vast sum from Apple, through fear the tech firm will close its productions in Ireland and move on.
Irishman speaks about Apple tax controversy
The topic has been a hot talking point in Ireland in recent weeks. The EU Commission have ruled that Apple owe Ireland €13 billion in taxes after they paid just 0.005% on earnings in Ireland in 2014.
However, the Irish cabinet agreed that an appeal would be launched against the EU Commission’s ruling that Ireland had supplied illegal state aid to Apple worth €13 billion.
Whether or not the government should accept the money is the burning issue.
Conway made his video to put his point across, and he did so very forcefully but with eloquence and intelligence.
He says that not all people in Ireland have the qualifications to work as scientists and technicians, and that there is a large part of society that was failed by the stretched education system and now needs a little help.
The video has received lots of praise online, and has now been viewed by more than a million people.
Most commentators have praised Conway for his passion, and for the points he makes. Even those who disagree with him, have commended him for making a stand.
Take a look at the video for yourself.

Written by Andrew Moore