The best ways to experience food in Ireland

The best ways to experience food in Ireland

Discover Ireland have created a great video to showcase the best ways to experience food around the country.

The presenter, Kati, begins the video at St James’ Market in Belfast where she explores the 300 stalls selling all varieties of food.

The best ways to experience food in Ireland

She describes it as “a great way to meet with the community and grab a quick bite on the go”.

Kati, and her cameraman Blaze, “yes that is the actual name his mother gave him”, head to Galway next and although the city is famed for its fantastic music and art culture, it also has an amazing food scene too.

They met a seafood chef working on the market and Kati explains that even though it was raining he managed to whip up a five-star dish for them to try.

Kati joked that she thinks she stole her portion from a child, but it was so delicious she has no regrets.

The pair then head to a local restaurant where the chef explains that all the ingredients are caught, foraged or picked in Ireland.

He explains that he tries to create dishes that celebrate all the individual tastes of each ingredient without masking them with other flavours.

Kati tried the food and says: “This food is truly Irish in the purest sense of the word. I can’t describe all the amazing things that are happening in my mouth right now, but if this is what Ireland tastes like then Ireland’s delicious.”

Kati and Blaze’s final stop on their tour is Clonakilty in West Cork, where they visit a local black pudding producer.

Black Pudding is traditionally synonymous as part of a fried breakfast but as Kati discovers, innovative chefs are finding plenty of creative ways to use it in other dishes.

As Kati says: “Black pudding is more like ‘blood sausage’, but before you judge it, you should try it on pizza.”

Kati and Blaze agreed that there was only one way to wrap up their trip: “With a pint of Guinness in one of the oldest pubs in town.”

Take a look at the video below.


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