Dublin hopes to provide 22 homeless families with housing by Christmas

Dublin council hopes to house several homeless families in these modular homes by Christmas. Take a look inside.

Five sites in Dublin have been identified as suitable locations to build up to 153 modular homes for homeless families.

The modular homes are made in a factory and are designed to provide temporary accommodation for families and come with fully functioning plumbing and wiring.
The idea for the modular homes had first been considered earlier in the year when the four Mayors of the local Dublin authorities were presented with sample homes.
Dublin council hopes to house several homeless families in these modular homes by Christmas. Take a look inside.
Now the plans have been given the go-ahead they are soon to become a reality.
The first five sites will be in Poppintree in Ballymun, Mourne Road in Crumlin, Belcamp Avenue in Coolock, St Helena’s drive in Finglas and Cherry Orchard in Ballyfermot. Details will be presented to Dublin City Council this evening.
Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly aims to have up to 500 modular homes across Dublin, with 22 to be ready for Christmas.
The modular houses are expected to ease the financial burden of keeping homeless families in hotels, which has cost the Dublin Region Homeless Executive (DRHE) over €4.5m so far this year.
They will also feel more like home to the families who live in them as they will be able to cook, clean, play and relax in a space they can call their own.
Families will be able to remain in the homes until they are able to re-enter the rental market or a social housing house becomes available.
Christy Burke, Independent Councillor for Dublin’s North Inner City, said that people shouldn’t begrudge the homes being built near their area or the people moving into them.
He said: “They’re all decent, well-developed areas and they’re all great communities and I know all the public representatives that represent those areas.
“Nobody should complain in relation to modular homes being placed in any area. These are families who lost their homes, who contributed to the well-being of this State, who pay their taxes, had their homes repossessed, evicted through no fault of their own, their children in B&Bs – 1,300 today, Thursday, in B&Bs.”
Take a look at the video below.