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Irish drivers name the most annoying habit of road users

Ireland’s drivers have been quizzed and named their most annoying habit from fellow road users, as well as the person they would most like to join them on a road trip.

Mobility services firm Easytrip surveyed 4,000 motorists in Ireland to find out their likes and dislikes of the road.

Irish drivers name the  most annoying habit of road users

The most annoying habit of motorists? Tailgating – the act of driving dangerously close behind the vehicle in front of you, usually as a means of intimidating them into increasing their speed.

The second most annoying habit named was drivers using their mobile phone when at the wheel.

Driving too slowly was the third behaviour on the list, with more people finding it annoying than seeing other drivers travelling too quickly.

CEO of easytrip Colin Delaney said: “Tailgating being revealed as the most annoying driver trait is concerning. Motorists need to be more aware and courteous on the road and keep the legal distance from the car in front.

“Likewise seeing mobile phone use continue to be an issue is worrying as it is illegal whilst driving and a dangerous habit. We’d urge motorist to drive safer and be more considerate of other drivers, to keep your distance, pull over in a safe area if you need to use a mobile phone and to give enough time to get to your destination.”

The drivers were also asked what they would consider the most important item to have with them on a road trip and unsurprisingly phone charger and satnav were the most popular answers.

The most important element of a road trip of course is the people you travel with, and Tommy Tiernan was the person who most Irish people said they would like to join them on a motoring adventure.

Rugby star Rob Kearney was the second most popular answer, and actress and comedian Aisling Bea was named third.

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