Apply for a dream job tasting Guinness in Dublin pubs

Pints of Guinness

A dream job for Guinness lovers has been advertised by an Irish travel site and has already had thousands of applicants.

The Irish Road Trip is looking for someone with discerning taste buds to head into some of Dublin’s pubs and sample the Guinness.

Their expenses will be paid and all they will be required to provide is a 250 word review of their pint.

Pints of Guinness

The Irish Road trip say: “”We want to taste and experience it through your words, as if we were sat there with you!”

The lucky person who lands the role will be paid a pretty decent €22 per hour for their troubles.

Over 6,000 people applied within a day of the advert being posted.

The company is looking for someone who has: “The ability to string together an enticing pint review.

“Be able to snap a high-quality photo of a pint, no fancy camera needed – a snap with a phone is grand!

“Have space in your calendar to visit each of the seven pubs above over a four-week period in November and early December.

“You’ll obviously need to be over 18.”

The pubs include the Gravediggers, the Long Haul, Milligan’s, The Strawberry Hall, Gaffney’s Tom Kennedy’s and Toners.

If you’re going to be in Dublin over November and December why not apply here?

As it says on the site: “It’s a dream side-gig for anyone fond of a fine pint and that enjoys writing.”

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcallingJoin our community