Donald Trump plans to build 200,000 tonne wall on Irish coast

Michael Kehoe

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9 Responses

  1. Zannie Ash says:

    Please Ireland. Don’t let Trump build anything more on your lovely land. Let the golf holes erode away. Serves him right. He only cares for Trump not Irelands beauty.

  2. Dennis Collins says:

    I hope all concerned will properly analyze the pros and cons…not on the individual proposing but on the value of the proposition itself.

  3. des says:

    and he wont pay his staff at the golf club a decent living wage

  4. Kate Drury says:

    I’d love to be sitting in an Irish pub, sipping my Guinness, listening to the Irish respond to Trump’s latest crazy idea. The Irish tell it like it is, don’t mince words, and will respond to this notion with cunning wit and appropriate anger.
    He is an embarrassment to this American.

  5. Lim Maggie says:

    Who needs that guy and his money? Clare should not be on sale to that cr***. He is emotionally/politically unhealthy. Govt. of Ireland stand up and be counted! Are you beggars, especially for a golf course? Who will benefit from this????????????

  6. Jack Campbell says:

    Kick this scum out of Ireland. He is a vulture.

  7. steo says:

    TRUMP YOU KNOB JOCKEY!! Why not just pack up your bags and get to hell out of ireland you racist ball bag. No one wants your stupid golf course (that will only cater for the rich) you sir are a joke a big fat American joke!

  8. Uncle Miltie says:

    Lord love a duck, will he not be tippin’ the place upside down?


    WELL DONE MR TRUMP SIR…………..WONDERFUL….. MY DADDY WAS BORN IN cO.cLARE………….sorry caps…….so proud of you too Mr Trump x

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