What do the Irish look for in a friend?

What do the Irish look for in a friend?

Millions of people around the world spent hours and hours in the 1990s watching Ross, Rachel, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey getting themselves into trouble, and being there for each other.
To commemorate the 21 years since Friends was first broadcast, One4all have completed a survey to see what Irish people look for in their friends.
What do the Irish look for in a friend?
Unsurprisingly, a good sense of humour came out as the most important character trait people look for in a best bud.
The survey also revealed that women are likely to spend more on their friends, with nearly half saying they would spend between €25 and €50 on a present. One in three men said they would spend as little as €1 on a gift.
Another interesting statistic to come out of the survey was that 12% of Irish people said that their best friend now lives abroad, further evidence that the Irish economy is struggling to provide enough job opportunities to keep people in the country.
The proudest moment for friends was to be asked to be a godparent for women, and asked to be best man for men.
When asked which celebrity Irish people would most like as their best friend, actors Chris O’Dowd and Amy Huberman came out on top for men and women respectively.
Of course Friends featured the close relationship between six core characters, who would support and help each other out in their times of need. They were lucky to have more close friends than the average Irish person, with less than a third saying they have more than five close friends.