Delightful narration of Lazarus story from Irish child

Delightful narration of bible story from Irish child

The bible story of Lazarus is told in a delightful way by a little girl in Dublin in a recording that was filmed 50 years ago.

The little girl faces the camera and her classmates as she tells the story of Jesus bringing Lazarus back to life after his death.

Delightful narration of bible story from Irish child

Children have a delightful knack of cutting through all the bluster and just getting straight to the point when telling a story and this girl is no different.

She begins by pointing out that: “Miracles are things that only God can do like rising people from the dead and when people are blind they can see again and when people are on crutches they can walk again and even if you want to get a miracle done you could ask the blessed lady and she’ll get it done for you cos that’s his mother.”

She then explains that her teacher has told her many stories about miracles, including the one about Lazarus.

The story is told in a charming way that could only have come from a child, including Jesus and his apostles going round to see Lazarus “for a cup of tea”.

The brilliant commentary is complemented perfectly with great animations of both the children in the classroom and the characters in the story.

It is wonderful that these fantastic narrations have been made accessible to the public again. They were first recorded in the 1960s by Brown Bag Films as part of a series of Irish children telling bible stories.

Now, 50 years later, they have been brought back to life brilliantly by YouTube channel Monster Distributes under the brand name ‘Give Up Yer Aul Sins’, which is a perfect example of the colloquial and casual language used by the children as they tell the stories.

Watch and enjoy the video below.


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