Woman just seconds clear of police controlled explosion

Woman just seconds clear of police controlled explosion

A woman walked directly past a controlled explosion being carried by the police and was just seconds away from being seriously injured by the blast.
The frightening incident took place in the Glengalliagh Park area of Derry.
Woman just seconds clear of police controlled explosion
A suspicious package was found in the park area, and although experts described it as an ‘elaborate hoax’, they still decided a controlled explosion was the safest way to dispose of it.
The area was cordoned off and the mechanical robot was sent in to carry out the controlled blast.
Local resident Sean Haslett watched on from the safety of his home with his family.
They filmed as the unnamed woman appeared from behind some houses and walked along the path directly passed the suspicious package.
Just moments after she was clear, the explosion was carried out.
As Sean said on his commentary: “She was almost brown bread.”
The woman was intercepted further down the path by a police officer, who presumably explained to her just how close she had come to suffering serious injury.
PSNI Inspector Mullan said: “We attended the area following reports of a suspicious object and ATO were tasked. We called to a number of homes in Glengalliagh Park and advised residents to leave their homes.
“Some residents agreed to leave their homes however a number of residents declined and were advised to remain inside their homes and take appropriate precautions.
“A resident left their home and walked past the suspicious object while attempts were ongoing to make the object safe.
“We spoke to the resident immediately after and, although she was shaken, she was uninjured.”
You can take a look at the shocking video below.

Written by Andrew Moore