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The Boss tells Graham Norton the story of how he almost met The King

Rock and roll legend Bruce Springsteen told Graham Norton about the time he climbed over the wall of Elvis Presley’s house in an attempt to meet the King himself.

The Boss was a guest on Norton’s show and sat alongside his long-time friend and Hollywood legend Robert De Niro.

The Boss tells Graham Norton the story of how he almost met The King

With two top-level superstars in the studio there was a genuine buzz amongst the audience.

Actors Paul Rudd and Sienna Miller completed the star-studded line-up for the show, and once all had told a few stories and discussed their latest projects everyone settled down to listen to a story from Springsteen.

Norton asked him about the time he tried to meet Elvis Presley.

He said: “It was 1975 and we were in Memphis. Steven Van Zandt and I wanted to go to an all-night diner. So around 3am we got in a taxicab. The driver said: ‘Yeah, there’s one right outside Elvis’ house!’

Springsteen continued: “’Elvis’ house?! You know where Elvis lives? Take us there right now!’ The taxi driver took us to Graceland and I got out, I saw there were some lights on in the house – you could see the house, it wasn’t that far from the drive.

“The gates were locked, there was a stone wall. I looked at Steve and I said, ‘Steve, I’m going in…’

The Boss continued: “The taxi driver said, ‘Hey man, they got big dogs over there, don’t go over that wall’. I said, well, when’s the opportunity going to come again?

“I jumped over the wall, ran up the drive, got to the front door and I was just about to knock and a security guy came out of the bushes. He said, ‘Can I help you?’, very casually. I said, ‘Yes… is Elvis here?’ He said, ‘Well, Elvis is in Las Vegas’.

“I said, ‘Okay, well, can you tell him – and I generally don’t like to do this – that Bruce Springsteen was here? He may not know who that is, but I was just on the cover of Time and Newsweek.’

“He said, ‘Yeah, I’ll tell Elvis’ and he came down and he walked me out and that’s as close as I ever got to Elvis Presley.”

The Boss’ story had the audience and fellow guests hanging on his every word, with most disappointed that he didn’t get to meet his hero, but admiring his brave efforts.

Take a look at the video below.

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