Brexit Me Hole…Irish find best way ever to mock Britain’s political madness

Jacob Rees-Mogg

Brexit could affect Ireland badly but after a while, what can you do but look on in astonishment and laugh as Britain stumbles from one moment of lunacy to another.

That’s certainly what the Irish have been doing with a social media tagline #BrexitMeHole.Jacob Rees-Mogg

Now anything… ‘mehole’ is a commonplace dismissal in Ireland but it gained fresh impetus when a van driver stopped a motorist fly-tipping a mattress in the countryside and rejected his apologies with the retort, #SorryMeHole.

That seems to have become the inspiration for a series of tweets and messages highlighting the crazy goings on across the water.

But what can you do when the British government sticks to the notion that the rest of Europe must bow to its will or somehow, it’s not fair?

They want to get rid of the backstop ensuring there’ll be no hard border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, even though former Prime Minister Theresa May agreed it with the EU after two painstaking years of negotiations.

Boris Johnson, the current British Prime Minister – I say current because he’s not expected to last long – demands that the backstop be removed, otherwise he’ll take Britain out of Europe without a deal. He thinks the effect that will have on Europe will frighten them into submission, conveniently ignoring the fact that No Deal will hurt Britain far more than any other country, including Ireland. You couldn’t make it up.

Just to confuse matters more, all the Opposition parties have ganged together to demand a General Election and to stop No Deal. However, as soon as it looked like they’d succeeded in preventing No Deal, they decided they don’t want an election now…they want to wait awhile because they don’t trust Johnson to obey the rule of law.

All this craziness has taken place with politicians trading insults in the House of Commons.

Old Etonian MP Jacob Rees Mogg, who speaks and behaves like someone from the 19th century, took a lot criticism for lying down during the debates and working hard to look bored and superior.

Not surprising then that he bore the brunt of the #BrexitMeHole mockery.

Here are just a selection of the best tweets we found.

And on a more serious note…what the good folk of Europe really think about what’s going on in ‘Little England’.

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