'Beauty of the Blend' whiskey campaign celebrates Irish in America

'Beauty of the Blend' whiskey campaign celebrates Irish in America

An Irish whiskey brand has taken a look back into American Irish history as the basis for their latest advertising campaign.
Tullamore D.E.W., the William Grant & Sons owned Irish whiskey brand, is celebrating its triple blend whiskey with a campaign that looks at how ‘blend’ makes the world a more interesting place.
'Beauty of the Blend' whiskey campaign celebrates Irish in America
The ‘Beauty of the Blend’ campaign has been masterminded by New York agency Opperman with the help of Sweet Media Ireland.
The campaign features two ‘hero’ content pieces entitled ‘Danny Boy’ and ‘No Irish Need Apply’.
Both were directed by award-winning filmmaker Laurence Dunmore.
‘No Irish Need Apply’ is a reference to the struggle many Irish emigrants faced when arriving in America, with some businesses refusing to consider them for employment.
The video features an Irish bartender serving Tullamore whiskey, and speaking about how the blend of different cultures is one of the things that helped to build the United States.
‘Danny Boy’ is set in the same American pub, and sees the bartender quoting CS Lewis as he tries to apologise to a woman to no avail.
A group of friends at the bar begin teasing the barman, named Danny, by singing the famous folk song while they share a bottle of Tullamore.
As the song comes to its finale, the woman re-appears from behind the men and sings the final lines of the song, before taking Danny’s glass of Tullamore for herself.
The Irish bartender smiles and says: “She reminds me of my mother!”
These latest two adverts from Tullamore follow their 2013 award-winning campaign, ‘The Parting Glass’, which was described by Creativity magazine as “the alcohol ad that all ads should aspire to”.
This ‘Beauty of the Blend’ campaign celebrates the fact that 99.7% of people around the world have a family background of two or more ethnicities.
Tullamore are teaming up with online family tree company MyHeritageDNA to offer prizes of a free limited edition DNA kit which allows fans to discover their own blend of heritage.
Tullamore D.E.W.’s Global Brand Director, Caspar MacRae, said: “We are built on blend. It runs through every bottle of our original triple blend Irish whiskey. There are numerous examples in the worlds of food, music and beyond where something beautiful has been created because of the blending of different cultures or ideas. We think that’s worth celebrating.”
You can take a look at the two videos below.

Written by Andrew Moore