Beautiful performance of ‘Grace’ by 8-year-old Co Clare girl

Michael Kehoe

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7 Responses

  1. Bonnie Raper says:

    I’m sitting here watching the carnage in Nice, France and crying. I DON’T CRY! But this little girl reduced me to tears – part agony and anger and part hope and joy. Well done

  2. patricia Gough says:

    If Keelyn Cullie have a C/D out I would buy it she sing it beautiful

  3. Jenifer Thomas says:

    One of my favourite songs sang beautifully. Xx

  4. Pegi. Cooper says:

    My Ireland calling newsletter has quit coming to me . please reinstate it I did not Unscbribe it! I love your newsletter. Pastor Pegi Cooper

  5. Bernardine Whalen says:

    This little girl has a very lovely voice, I think someday she will be a star in Ireland and also come to the USA to share with us her lovely voice. Her parents should be so proud of her for the voice she has.

  6. Bill Fleming says:

    Fantastic, utterly fantastic and beautiful. Job well done young lady.

  7. Linda Joy says:

    Well ! Bless her darling heart …I don’t know what else to say . xo

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