Beautiful footage of Lough Oughter Castle

Beautiful video shows off stunning scenery around Lough Oughter Castle

This short video of Lough Oughter Castle and the surrounding scenery is the perfect tonic for anyone who needs something to help them relax after a long hard day.

It contains aerial footage of the small circular castle which stands alone on a tiny island in the middle of the lough.
The video was shot by Gleb Maguire who used aerial footage to perfectly capture the tranquility of the lough and the surrounding woodland areas.
Beautiful video shows off stunning scenery around Lough Oughter Castle
It was taken on a bright sunny day which helps to highlight the unspoiled beauty of the area.
The video features several long ranging shots that look out to the horizon. The scenery includes fields, trees and vast blue lakes.
When the island and the castle first make an appearance they look tiny in the middle of the huge lake. It is also wonderful imagery with the clouds and blue sky reflecting in the clear water.
Perhaps the most striking shot is when Maguire’s camera floats directly above the castle. It gives a great view that shows that while the castle ruins are small. They still dominate the island.
The castle is thought to have been built by the Normans in around the early 13th century. However, it was completed by the O’Reilly clan after they took possession of the area.
Lough Oughter is a complex of lakes that are located in the historic Kingdom of Breifne, which is now modern day Co Cavan. The lakes are four kilometres east of the town of Killeshandra.
Take a look at the video below.