Clisare warns America Trump would be 'bad boyfriend'

Clisare warns America Trump would be bad boyfriend

Irish YouTube star Clisare has created quite a stir with her latest video as she tries to warn America that Donald Trump would be a ‘bad boyfriend’.
The Co Mayo joker made the video in the form of a conversation that might take place between friends, if one is worried about the other’s choice of partner.Clisare warns America Trump would be bad boyfriend
The delicate matter is one that many people will recognise, as they try to get their message across without falling out with their lovestruck friend.
Clisare has taken this concept and given it a twist as she warns America that potential president Donald Trump is not right for them.
She opens the video with the line: “Hey America, it’s Ireland, so listen real quick, we have just been kind of chatting with all the other countries and we just, we really think that Donald is not right for you.”
The video has proved to be very popular online with millions of views in its first week.
Clisare goes on to reference America’s global influence and the impact it can have on the rest of the world.
“What happens to you America kind of affects the rest of us, remember you and Bush? When that went t*ts up? Over here, it was five years before we could get back on our feet, so we can’t do that again!”
The video has produced a mixed reaction online, with some praising Clisare for the comical analogy and other criticising her for a lack of respect.
Take a look at the video and decide for yourself.