Irish star Barry MacKeoghan to play Shane MacGowan in biopic of the Pogues legend

Barry MacKeoghan to play Shane MacGowan in biopic

Irish rising star Barry MacKeoghan has landed a dream role – playing Sane McGowan in a movie about the Pogues legend’s life.

The biopic of MacGowan will focus on his romantic relationship with long term partner long-term partner Victoria Mary Clarke as well as his time in the band.

MacKeoghan is lined up to play the star as a young musician making mark on the UK market during the 1980s.

Barry MacKeoghan to play Shane MacGowan in biopic

The Dunkirk and Chernobyl star had also been tipped to play American songwriter Bob Dylan in a future biopic.

However, MacGowan’s partner Victoria suggested that may have to wait.

She posted the tweet: “Maybe @BarryKeoghan will be playing another living legend soon!!!” – which was liked by MacKeoghan.

Victoria told the Irish Sun: “They want to do a film based on our relationship. It’s a love story, it’s not a Pogues film although that will obviously be a part. We’re both very excited.

“Shane is really excited about the idea, he thinks it’s fantastic. He’s already counting down the days until he can watch it on Netflix!”

McGowan is delighted the 26-year-old has been chosen and sys he is a big fan of

He said: “Barry is a marvellous actor and I couldn’t think of anyone better to do it. He’ll do a great job.”

Victoria also revealed that MacGowan would be heading to the studio to record some music for the film.

She said: “Shane is going to do the soundtrack so he’ll be back in the studio, he’s already been in a bit recently.

“It’s going well and he is loving being back at it.”

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