Corrs superstar Andrea Corr says being Irish is a ‘blessing’

The Corrs

Irish music legend Andrea Corr has revealed why she moved back to Ireland after years of living in London.

The Corrs frontwoman said that she and her husband Brett Desmond wanted her young children to grow up back home as being Irish is a ‘blessing’.

Andrea who was raised in Dundalk, Co Louth with siblings and bandmates Sharon, Caroline and Jim said that her children are loving life back in Ireland.

The Corrs

She said: “I live here now. I’m loving it. The kids love it. They knew they were little Irish people, they’re in their element.

“I think it’s been a blessing when I’ve travelled the world being Irish. Every country you’re welcomed.

“Everybody loves us as Irish people that’s a bit of a gift when you consider that might not be the case.

“So I wanted them to have that too and I think you can’t really export that – that is when you live here and grow up here.”

The star also revealed that the Corrs would like to get back together and tour at some point – although there are no immediate plans to do so.

She said: “We’re talking about it. No there’s no definite dates in as yet. It takes quite a while for us to get organised.”

While there may not be a tour forthcoming, it would seem that Andrea isn’t missing being in the public eye enough to explore other opportunities.

The singer remained tight lipped about whether she had been asked to appear in any celebrity reality TV shows.

She said: “I don’t know should I say because then I’d have to tell you I turned them down so I think I should be discreet.”

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