Adele stunned as fan proposes to boyfriend during concert

Adele stunned as fan proposes to boyfriend

Pop sensation Adele had a shock during her February 29th concert in Belfast as one of her female fans told her that she had proposed to her boyfriend.
To add to the drama, the man had left the poor woman in limbo by telling her that he “maybe” would marry her.Adele stunned as fan proposes to boyfriend
Adele was performing at in front of a packed house at the SSE Arena when she invited the love struck fan up on to the stage.
She told Adele that she had asked her boyfriend to marry her earlier in the day, only to be left without a definite answer.
The crowd started booing the man when the revelation was revealed, and Adele shouted out to him: “You need to say a proper yes, bruv. You have to say yes.”
Adele then found out the man’s name and encouraged the crowd to put the pressure on him to say yes.
Eventually the man did agree to marry the fan, and Adele even suggested she would sing at their wedding.
Traditionally, February 29th is the one day that a woman can propose to a man.
The unusual episode was recorded by another fan at the SSE and it the video has been uploaded on to YouTube. Take a look at the drama unfold.