James Corden reveals his first duty as ‘honorary Irishman’

James Corden - British star reveals his first duty as an ‘honorary Irishman’

British funnyman James Corden has revealed what his first duty will be now that he has been made an ‘honorary Irishman’.

The comedian was given the unofficial honour after he hosted a spectacular Irish dancing performance on his US TV show in California in November 2015.

Corden joined several Irish stars including Amy Huberman and Alison Doody on the green carpet at the 11th annual Oscar Wilde Party in Santa Barbara.

James Corden - British star reveals his first duty as an ‘honorary Irishman’

The Oscar Wilde Party takes place before the Oscars every year and is a celebration of Irish talent.

When Corden received his honour he said that his first duty would be to stop his fellow countrymen, and people from anywhere else in the world from using the stereotypical phrase ‘top o’ the morning to ya’.

He told told RTÉ TEN: “I’m honoured. But I’m mostly, it makes me feel embarrassed for every time myself, or any of my countrymen, have said to anyone Irish ‘top o’ the morning to ya’.

“I cannot begin to imagine how annoying that must be and I will endeavour to stop that and if there’s anything I can do, as an honorary Irishman, I will spread the message that it’s not funny.”

Corden was named an honorary Irishman by the US-Ireland Alliance after he performed an Irish dance on his show alongside a team of professional dancers.

Trina Vargo, President of the US-Ireland Alliance said: “He deserves to be our ‘honorary Irishman’ this year just on the basis of the courage it takes to perform with some of the finest Irish dancers in the world.”

Take a look at the video of Corden’s Irish dancing below.