100 years of Irish beauty – inside two minutes

100 years of Irish beauty

An actress has taken part in YouTube video that showcases 100 years of Irish fashion – in just over a minute.
Stephanie Koenig is the face that gets transformed every few seconds to represent the ‘look’ of Irish women for each decade since the 1910s.100 years of Irish beauty
The video moves fast and displays Stephanie having her hair and make-up done to transform her into a woman from each decade of the past century.
In fact, it is twice as many looks because the video claims to capture the look from both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.
Take a look at the video and see if you think they have got each look right.

The video was produced by YouTube channel WatchCut Video. They have created several similar fashion through the ages videos for different countries.
They also create videos explaining the research and thinking behind each look, many of which are based on high profile people of the time.
The Irish look video is explained by journalist and fashion enthusiast Josh Potter. He describes the research that went into creating the video, and how the political, financial and social state of the country has an impact on everyday fashion.
Take a look at Potter explain how they came up with each look for Irish women.

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