Ireland is the best country in Europe for hiking according to the experts

Irish stay-cationers choosing Co Kerry as their favourite destination

Ireland has been named as the best county in Europe for hiking.

The title has been awarded after the reviews posted on outdoors website were calculated into an average score.

There are over 200,000 walking and hiking trails listed on and each one has feedback and reviews posted by people who have actually taken the trail.

Those reviews were added together to create an average score out of 100 for each trail.

Ireland was the country that had the most consistently high scores for its trails.

Anybody who has been to Ireland will not be surprised by the award.

The country is famous for its beautiful landscape and spectacular scenery.

There are also countless great walks and trails scattered all over the island, so wherever you are in Ireland there is always a great walking opportunity nearby. conducted the study and found that Ireland has the best trails in Europe.

They said: “If you’re looking to be left in awe of extraordinary landscapes and incidences of natural beauty then Ireland is the place to be.

“The average rating tops the rankings at 87.3 out of 100. The average walking length is 11,402 which is roughly equivalent to seven miles – enough to get your blood pumping but still within the realms of enjoyment for the casual hiker.

“With the rolling green hills, you can expect an average elevation of 427 metres too.”

Hiking is a fantastic way to keep fit and explore new places at the same time.

Ireland has numerous mountainous and hilly terrain, and each one offers a wonderful view of the surrounding landscape if you manage to climb your way to the summit.

Three of the most popular Irish trails named in the study were the Kerry Way, The Dingle Way and the Royal Canal Way.

There are various decisions to make when embarking on one of these challenges.

It is important to set a realistic target for yourself depending on your ability and experience levels, and always make sure you have the necessary kit and water to tackle the hike safely.