Irish village transformed into fairytale land as Disney movie begins filming

Irish village transformed into fairytale land as Disney movie begins filming

The Irish village Enniskerry has undergone a transformation into a fairytale land for the new Disney film Disenchanted.

The Wicklow village is the setting for the new Disney movie, the sequel to the 2007 blockbuster Enchanted.

Hollywood superstar Amy Adams will reprise her role of the lead character Giselle, and she is once again joined by co-stars Patrick Dempsey, James Marsden and Idina Menzel.

The production team has transformed the village of Enniskerry with the town’s buildings been freshly painted and decorated with lights and flowers so it is fit for a Disney princess movie set.

The fairytale village has been cordoned off for filming which will go on for a week, and the crew will return in July to capture more footage in Enniskerry.

One of the star names in the movie Patrick Dempsey has Irish roots himself and has been happy to immerse himself in the local culture and tradition.

He posted a message to his fans, saying: “I love being in Ireland and I’m having so much fun working on this film!”

Amy Adams has great memories of working in Co Wicklow as that was also the filming location for much of her 2010 romantic comedy Leap Year.

Meanwhile, Maya Rudolph, who has joined the cast for the Disenchanted movie, has been soaking up the Irish culture with her family as they took a seat on the Eye of Ireland ferry for a cruise around Dublin coast.

Although, the Disney movie is a multi-million dollar production, she compared it to a much more modest set.

Speaking to Variety, Rudolph said: “Disenchanted is the epitome of what it feels like to be in a school play.

“You know you’re gonna have fun. Sometimes when I’m working on something I love, I kind of pinch myself and go, ‘oh right, this is why I want to do this.’ Just this giddy feeling of putting on a show together, it’s the best possible feeling.”