Attending a wedding? Budget for the big day

Attending a wedding? Budget for the big day

Many of us will attend a wedding this summer – but you could find yourself saying, “I do” to a big bill.
The cost of the big day can soon add up. Guests can expect to pay nearly €652, while bridesmaids and ushers can find themselves spending more than €1,300, according to research amongst 2,000 people.Attending a wedding? Budget for the big day
For many guests, the outgoings can start way before the big day itself, with the typical cost of attending a stag or a hen do coming to €75, according to a survey from American Express.
Choosing the perfect gift for the happy couple costs €133 on average.
A new outfit will come to €98, while topping it off with hair and beauty treatments costs another €36.
Guests typically spend €122 travelling to a wedding and €97 on a hotel, while a further €62 is spent on average toasting the bride and groom.
This brings the total cost for a wedding guest to €625 on average, according to the findings.
If you’re lucky enough to be asked to be a bridesmaid, you can expect to spend €1,653, while an usher can expect to pay €1,471.
In a bid to fund the cost of attending a wedding, 44% of guests plan to dip into their monthly salary, 26% will use their savings, while a further 22% expect to put their wedding costs on a credit card.
So if you’re planning to attend a wedding this summer, how can you keep the costs down and enjoy the big day without worrying about how it will affect your bank balance?
Here are some tips from American Express:
Personal touch. If your gift budget is limited, consider giving a present that has a personal touch. Video compilations or framed photo montages can be very meaningful. If you’re creative, offer to make or design the wedding stationery for the happy couple as your gift to them.
Plan ahead. When gift lists are sent to guests, ensure you’re one of the earlier purchasers. For those using registers, getting in early can mean picking and choosing reasonable gifts that suit your budget, as opposed to being left at the end of the queue with only the higher budget items to choose from.
Don’t forget points make presents – check how many rewards points you have on your credit, charge or store card. You may have enough to get a wedding gift with your points, which means you can give a gift without spending a penny.
Get renting. It’s always fun to have something new to wear for a wedding, but this can get expensive. Consider hiring a dress or suit for the weekend. Plenty of companies now offer designer dresses and suits that can be rented at a fraction of the price.
Use your tech. If you only need a ride from the station to the reception, consider using taxi apps instead of hiring a car. Don’t forget to cut costs by car sharing with other wedding guests.
If you do spend, do it wisely. Take advantage of vouchers and discounts.