Thousands of people from 135 countries become Irish citizens during ceremonies in Killarney

Irish citizenship ceremony

Thousands of people became Irish citizens during ceremonies that have taken place over the last week.

Up to 5,000 people, from 135 different countries headed to Killarney, where they were granted their citizenship in six separate ceremonies.

It is the third year in a row that these citizenship ceremonies have taken place outside Dublin.

Irish citizenship ceremony

The country of origin that provided the highest number of new Irish citizens was the UK, with 982.

The UK is followed by 715 new citizens from Poland and 496 from Romania.

The ceremonies saw the new Irish citizens take the oath of fidelity to the Irish State and receive their certificates of naturalisation.

Minister for Justice and Equality, Charlie Flanagan TD spoke at one of the ceremonies.

He said: “The possibilities opened up to you in Ireland today are almost limitless; perhaps one day, you or a child or grandchild of yours, could be up here as a Government Minister, or as a Judge, or perhaps the President of Ireland.”

Department of Justice and Equality, David Stanton, TD, addressed the new citizens at another ceremony.

He told the newly Irish men and women: “Today as you leave here, as proud new citizens of this Republic and constitutional democracy, our history is your history and, in turn, the narrative of your life is now part of our history.”

In order to gain Irish citizenship through naturalisation, a foreign national must be able to meet certain criteria, including having lived in Ireland for at least five of the last nine years before the date of their application.

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Other ways to obtain Irish citizenship include through marriage or civil partnership, or through family ties.

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