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What to watch? Films of the week

The Secret Life of Pets

Guest writer and expert film critic Damon Smith gives his verdicts on the biggest film releases this week. The Secret Life of Pets (U, 91 mins) Animation/Comedy/Drama/Action/Romance. Featuring the voices of Louis CK, Eric Stonestreet, Kevin Hart, Jenny Slate, Ellie Kemper, Lake Bell, Albert Brooks, Steve Coogan. Directors: Chris Renaud, …

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'Six foods I ban from the menu'

Six foods I ban from the menu

They’re forever dishing out advice, but when it comes to taking the nutritionists’ healthy-eating messages home, surely the proof is in the pudding. (Or should that be, ‘lack of pudding’?!) ‘Everything in moderation’ may be the go-to guideline for a good, balanced diet, but there are certain foods public health …

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Holly Willoughby's maternal wiles

Holly Willoughby

As a mum of three young children, Holly Willoughby has experienced all the joys, frustrations and tears that come with being a busy working mother. And while the TV presenter doesn’t claim to be a trained childcare expert, after having successfully battled through the early years with her children, she …

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Salma Hayek: 'My life's turned out better than I thought'

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek makes no secret of the fact she felt great empathy for her latest incarnation, a woman pining to become pregnant in new fantasy-horror Tale Of Tales. “My character is obsessed with being a mother. She’s having trouble having children and she’s deeply sad and lonely because of this, …

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Oesophageal cancer: some bitter facts to swallow

Oesophageal cancer: some bitter facts to swallow

Have you heard of oesophageal cancer? It’s a disease many of us are unfamiliar with – and, sadly, often this only changes when somebody close to us is diagnosed. This was the case for Vix Corbett, 34, whose husband Phil was told he had the condition in early 2014. “I …

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Food to float your boat in Italy


By guest writer, Roger Crow It’s a sun-kissed morning in Italy as our vehicle navigates a series of photogenic bends. ‘On days like these…’ – the opening theme tune to Michael Caine classic The Italian Job is playing on my mental jukebox as I soak up the experience.

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Jimmy Doherty talks potatoes: "I'm a big believer in seasonality"

Jimmy Doherty talks potatoes

He might be known for his rare-breed pigs, but entomologist-turned-farmer Jimmy Doherty’s latest initiative lets their veggie sidekick – the humble potato – do the talking. “The Jersey Royal is an iconic food item and something we should celebrate,” the 40-year-old enthuses of his collaboration with the seasonal spud. “If …

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