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Why Graham Norton will raise a glass to Terry Wogan at Song number nine

Irish TV star Graham Norton has revealed why he will raise a glass to legendary presenter Terry Wogan at song number nine at this year’s Eurovision.

Wogan, who passed away earlier this year, presented the Eurovision Song Contest in the UK for 28 years until Norton took the reins in 2008.

Norton revealed a piece of advice he received from Wogan when he took the Eurovision job.

Graham Norton explains why he will raise a glass to Terry Wogan at song number nine at Eurovision

Norton said: “For those who aren’t aware song number nine is famous because Sir Terry always warned me not to have anything to drink until that point.

“At song number nine this year the host country Sweden will be performing and I will be encouraging everyone to raise a glass.

“It has all worked out very nicely as Swedish people in the arena will be cheering their song in the stadium as everyone back in the UK will join me and cheers the memory and legacy of Sir Terry Wogan.”

Wogan was an extremely popular presenter both in Ireland and the UK but he wasn’t to everyone’s taste.

Recently Swedish producer Christer Björkman accused Wogan of ruining the image of Eurovision in the UK because of his numerous sarcastic remarks about the performers.

Björkman said: “He did this for 28 years and his commentary always forced the mockery side and there is a grown-up generation in Britain that doesn’t know anything better.

“He raised a generation of viewers believing this was a fun kitsch show that had no relevance whatsoever. It totally spoiled Eurovision. Because of what Terry Wogan did, the UK don’t put in their best efforts.”

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However, Norton loved Wogan’s style and defended him. He said: “When I am doing the commentary I still hear Sir Terry in my head as I am sure lots of other people do too.

“I think this year will be bittersweet because we will all be thinking of Terry and I am sure I will say a few words about him as the night goes on as it is a night that will forever be associated with Terry Wogan.”


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