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Toddler copies Irish dancer and becomes online star

Irish dancing has a new superstar and she is just two years old.

The miniature star was discovered when a professional Irish dancer was performing on the streets of Galway, and the passing by toddler decided to join in the fun.

Toddler copies Irish dancer and becomes online star

Little Georgia is just two years old but she jumped and kicked along with superstar performer Emma O’Sullivan to the delight of the gathering crowd.

O’Sullivan is one of the leading Irish dancers in the world and won the All-Ireland Sean-Nós Dancing title in 2009.

However, O’Sullivan revealed that its moments like this that makes her love street performances.

The show was recorded by an onlooker, and clearly shows O’Sullivan expertly going through her routine, when little Georgia is inspired to join in.

The tiny tot mimics all of O’Sullivan’s moves, every jump and kick and every twist and turn.

Young Georgia looks as though she could have a big future in Irish dancing if she continues to show an interest as she grows up.

The video has already become an internet sensation, with more than seven million people viewing it within a week of it being posted.

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