What overseas people really think of Ireland – the good and bad

Foreigners are not fans of the Irish weather

Overseas people living in Ireland have been having their say on what they really think of the country – both the good and bad aspects.

InterNations carried out a survey on over 14,000 people living in abroad to find out what they think of their new country.

It turns out that while there are plenty of great things about living in Ireland, there might be one or two aspects of Irish life that foreigners don’t enjoy so much.
Foreigners are not fans of the Irish weather
The biggest problem with living in Ireland is the weather, which if we’re honest can often be quite miserable.
Ireland finished bottom of the list of countries, for quality of the weather, just below our neighbours the UK.
The report from the InterNations survey said: “The local climate and weather seem to be one of the biggest problems for expats. Not one respondent in Ireland rated the climate and weather as good.”
Ireland also finished in the bottom ten for the quality of medical care.
However, in the ‘Ease of settling in’ category, Ireland made it into the top 20 for friendliness.
One respondent commented: “The Irish are very friendly and helpful, always willing to have a chat or lend a hand in anything. The second best thing is the beautiful unspoiled nature.”
People loved the scenery and natural attractions in Ireland but said that they are not easy to get to when living in a big city such as Dublin.
One respondent said: “Living outside of Dublin makes it more difficult to connect … and the transport system does little to improve quality of life.”
Take a look at the full survey here

Written by Michael Kehoe @michaelcalling