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Saoirse Ronan ‘teaches Americans to make tea’ in Vanity Fair video

Saoirse Ronan has shown that even though she is flying high in Hollywood, she still enjoys typically Irish comforts such as a good old cup of tea.

The Brooklyn star has produced a video in which she advises Americans on how to make the perfect cuppa.

Ronan made the video as part of a series by Vanity Fair magazine called ‘VF’s Secret Talent Theatre’ in which several of this year’s Oscar nominated stars display an unexpected talent.

Saoirse Ronan teaches Americans how to make a ‘perfect cup of tea’

The series is to mark the release of Vanity Fair’s latest Hollywood special issue.

At the start of the video Ronan says: “Hi my name is Saoirse Ronan, and today I’m going to teach you, America, how to make a perfect cup of tea.”

Ronan proceeds to give her instructions on what she says is the perfect way to make a cup of tea.

She has some important advice that many people are usually just too busy to follow. She said: “You don’t use your kettle to actually serve the tea. That’s wrong. You have a teapot.”

She also takes a bit of time to give a quick lesson on Ireland while the kettle is boiling.

She says: “Ireland’s the best. Ireland is a small island between the UK and America. It’s the centre of the universe.”

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She mentions some of Ireland’s most famous sons such as James Joyce and Oscar Wilde. However, she is keen to point out that “shortbreads are not Irish – they’re Scottish”.

Take a look at the video below.


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