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Niall Horan donates guitar in a bid to save child’s life

Irish singer Niall Horan is putting his guitar up for auction in a bid to help save a little boy’s life.

The One Direction star is hoping the sale will raise enough money to fund four-year-old Cian McDonnell’s lung transplant operation in America.

Cian was diagnosed with a rare condition called Dyskeratosis Congenita which caused him to go blind shortly after his birth.

Niall Horan - One direction star puts his childhood guitar up for auction in a bid to raise funding for life saving treatment for an Irish child.Photo copyright Eva Rinaldi cc2

He underwent a bone marrow transplant two years ago and earlier this year he was diagnosed with pinholes in his lungs which were causing him to have trouble breathing.

His only hope is to undergo a lung transplant at Boston Children’s hospital which will cost around $1m (€890,000), according to the Hope For Cian fund-raising group.

Horan has donated his childhood guitar to help the cause. The guitar also comes with a personal letter from Niall’s father Bobby.

The group are hoping that a wealthy individual or business will make a major donation in exchange for Horan’s guitar.

Secretary of the Hope for Cian group Mandy Shipp said: “This guitar is the one Niall used at home through his teenage years prior to finding fame with 1D. It is therefore unique and irreplaceable. I can confirm its authenticity.”

“We are so grateful to Bobby and Niall Horan because this is a huge boost to our fund. Now we are pleading for a major donation. Anyone interested can make contact through”

Alternatively, if you would like to make a smaller donation you can do so via the Hope for Cian GoFundMe page.

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Cian’s mother Lisa said: “The doctors Cian is under feel a lung transplant is an option, but the last thing we need before a final decision is a liver biopsy.”

Cian’s family have previously been informed that he has just months to live and needs to undergo the transplant as soon as possible.

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