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Is this the best best-man speech song yet?

We have already seen a few Irish best men, and one bridesmaid deliver their speeches in the form of a song, and now we have found another one.

The speeches are always a key component of any wedding reception, and now it seems that people are getting a bit more creative.

This latest video sees best man Benny singing his speech at his best friend’s wedding.

Irish best man sings his wedding speech

When it’s done well, it can create a great atmosphere and really get the party started. Thankfully, Benny did a great job. He sang his personalised song to guests at Ronan and Sinead’s wedding and got the balance just right between embarrassing the groom and wishing the happy couple the best for their future.

By the sounds of it, Benny and Ronan have gotten into a fair bit of trouble in the past. Benny mentions them being bribed by their neighbour to stop playing their music at half past six, but points out that “whiskey and students is a dangerous mix!”

The comical song begins with the lines: “Welcome brothers and sisters and cousins and friends. Welcome to this most beautiful day. Welcome to the uncle that wasn’t invited but decided to come anyway! You know who you are!”

There is no doubt that Benny did a great job with the speech, and once you listen to his catchy chorus, you’re likely to find yourself humming it later in the day.

Of course, this best man song is going to be compared to the previous offerings we have seen so far this year.

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The standard has certainly remained high, so the pressure is on for the next best man or bridesmaid considering a musical performance on their friends’ big day.

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One thought on “Is this the best best-man speech song yet?

  1. Fara Jordan

    Just how much I enjoyed this it is hard to find the words, but it reminded me of the bit of crack I had when I came to visit my Irishman and this guy should be commended cause he brought life and laughter to an already joyous occasion. This American tips my hat to him and wish I knew who he was so I could befriend him on Facebook. I’m sure he has more hilarious things to share. Thanks Ireland Calling for posting.

    04/07/2015 at 5:27 pm

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