Tearful Irish girl explains why she doesn’t want to eat animals

Heart melting video - Five-year-old Irish girl explains why she doesn’t want to eat meat

A video of a young Irish girl explaining why she doesn’t want to eat meat has gone viral.
It is likely to make even the most committed carnivores question their diets… for a moment at least.
Five-year-old Dubliner Indie-Rose was asked why she doesn’t want to eat meat. She gave a passionate and tearful speech about not wanting animals to be chopped up simply to become food for humans.
Heart melting video - Five-year-old Irish girl explains why she doesn’t want to eat meat
The speech came after the partner of Indy Roses’ mother told her where meat comes from.
He recorded her reaction as he explained that a lot of food came from animals such as turkey, pigs and cows.
Indy-Rose said: “I really don’t want to eat animals – they’re so nice. Why do people chop them up? I don’t want to them to be chopped up.”
Indy-Rose’s mother Nicola decided that her daughter wouldn’t have to eat meat any more after her partner had shown her the video.
Nicola told the Irish Independent: “What happened beforehand was that my partner was preparing dinner and Indie wanted to help. He had gotten some turkey from the butchers, she asked who had chopped it up and that’s how it all started.
“He only recorded the conversation then so he could send it to me while I was in work and make sure he was saying the right thing.”
The video was taken three months ago and in that time Indy-Rose has become a vegetarian. Nicola visited a doctor for advice on how to make sure her daughter still got enough nutrients and her daughter has never looked back.
Nicola said: “There’s been very little difference not having meat on her plate. Sure, we don’t eat it as much anymore either because it’s just easy to do one big meal for the family but that’s ok because we want to respect her choices.
“Doesn’t stop us from getting a cheeky takeaway after she goes to bed.
“We do have to explain to her sometimes that its ok for other people to eat meat because she’ll often come over be like ‘Why are you eating that?’
“We don’t want her to be one of those people who tell others they can’t eat meat.
“She’s made her own choice and she has to respect other people’s decisions too.”
Take a look at the video below.